About Us

The CK & Medijuana Publishing releases online and offline contents (websites, community groups and printed media) in specific areas related to hemp and hemp-culture. The major product of our Publisher is the MEDIJUANA which is a cost-free international medical cannabis magazine, currently available in German language in Austria, Switzerland and Germany; with its online and social community surfaces.

The Publisher plans to introduce the printed version of Medijuana in further European countries. In Hungary the offline CK Magazine and the online products reached more than 10.000 readers and followers in the last years, so the Medijuana magazine will soon be available in printed, Hungarian version for them.

From 2015 we will make the German-language Medijuana available in Spain ­– first of all in Cannabis Social Clubs which are located in bigger cities and near popular holiday resorts – for the German-speaking visitors and in some years we will publish the Spanish version of Medijuana.

The Publisher and its redactions are working toward to cooperate with non-governmental academic and civic organizations on a professional level, and also try to build up the best cooperation with the governmental and administrative organizations, political decision. Recognizing the local relations, the cultural and social attitudes, the political aspects in thetargeted region and during negotiating with academic and political parties it has become relevant, that we have to revise the social acceptance related to hemp through focusing on topics associated with the medical and industrial use of the plant and represent the positive medical, therapeutic, physiological effects of the cannabis consume. Beside of stigmatized, one sided communication of the mainstream media, we would like to show that cannabis is not only taking part in the life ofpeople and society as a delightful material, but as a herb with significant medical potential, and it makes a remarkably stock source for industry. Besides of these aspects we tone to present other cultural topics and with our reviews about books, music and other cultural events we would like to guide our readers towards value based approaches and provoking of personal thoughts.

From all these aspects, to keep the general public informed, through opinion-shaping we would give a hand for the extension of a more sophisticated, different point of view based on facts, through a more responsible and solution focused approach. Not least we would like to improve the safe consuming methods in the countries before mentioned. We acknowledge that citizens are able to gain information, and evaluate them as well to help their own decision making. To reach this, people need to gain relevant information from the most variable resources. Our job is to provide this information!